Transfer ownership of resources


This article explains how to transfer the resources such as Advanced Analytics and Custom Reports templates or configurations in your account from one user to another.


Some users can create Advanced Analytics charts, as well as Custom report templates or report configurations based on those templates. While those can be shared with other users in view mode, they cannot edit those resources. Transferring them will allow other users to own them and edit them, in case the original owner leaves the company or is transferred to a different business unit for instance.


You will need a superadmin user in order to use this feature and you will be only able to transfer resources to administrator users in the account.

How does it work?

To transfer the ownership of a resource you must follow these steps:

1. Access to the resources section in the account configuration



2. In the top selectors select the user who currently owns the resources ("From user") as well as the administrator user to whom you want to transfer them.

Once you have selected the "From user", the list of resources will be populated, divided into 3 sections:

Each section will display the name of the resource, and in the case of report configurations, the name of the associated template.

3. You can select all the resources with the top check box for each section or select resources individually.

4. (optional) Selecting "Preserve access" will allow the "From user" to access the resources in view mode after the transfer.

5. Once all required resources have been selected, press the top transfer button to transfer the resources. The resources will be transferred, and the receiving user will be the new owner.

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