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In this article you are going to learn how can to remove users from your account. 

Differences between Delete / Deactivate / Uninvite a user

Removing a user of an account can be done in different ways depending on how was the user created. It's important to be aware of the different ways available to remove them and their impact. As there is some information on the accounts that it's specific for each user and it can be lost if the user is completely removed of the platform. 

Note that only if you have Superadmin or admin permissions you will be able to remove the users from your accounts.

There are different options to remove users from an account:

NOTE: If you delete a user on the account that has been created it will be removed from the platform and all the information of that user will be lost. And if the user had access to other accounts as an invited user they won't be able to access the platform and the information created on other accounts will disappear!

How can I remove a user?

Delete a user that has been created on the account

Deactivate the user

To deactivate a user from your account you must go to Settings -> Users and click o the user name or email that you want to edit. 


Once inside, go to account data and select NO on the Active field



Delete a user

To delete a user go to the account where this user was created and go to Settings -> Users. By clicking on their username, enter the configuration screen of user that you want to delete.



Delete a user that has been invited to the account

Deactivate a user

As we have explained on this same article you can also deactivate a user that has been invited to your accounts. 


If you have invited a user and now you want to remove them from that account you can uninvite the user. The same way that created users a Delete buttom,  invited users have an Unbind button in their account's configuration.



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