What is a Dashboard?


Do you want to monitor exactly how your installation it's performing, getting to know the main indicators or your portfolio? Then Dashboards might interest you.

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What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards are the feature which provide at a glance the main indicators of the project in order for you to gauge exactly how is your installation performing. And get the detail for every specific location.

Each Dashboard is composed by a set of widgets that can be setup to visualize different type of information about your portfolio.


New Dashboards

In the EMS Platform you can easily configure a Dashboard completely personalized, showing the information in a same place with different charts and figures as widgets.

You will find more information about these new Dashboards here.




Dashboards as Apps

You can still find these Dashboards in the Dashboards screen inside Analyse.

The EMS Platform gives you the option to expand the customization of your Dashboards by allowing you to create your own Dashboards as Apps using our API, or downloading already existing Apps from the Apps market, adding them to your Dashboard section.

Among the existing Apps these are the most remarkable ones:

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