Duplicating Dashboards


In this article you are going to learn how to duplicate a Dashboard.


Duplicate Dashboards

There are several reasons to make a copy of a dashboard. Maybe you want to use the same structure with devices associated with other locations or sublocations or create slightly different versions to share it with your colleagues or clients. Now you can save your time and energy by replicating your dashboards!

Note: Once the dashboard has been duplicated, the access will be set up by default as Just me, meaning that only you will have visibility to the duplicated dashboard. 


To duplicate a dashboard you will need to go to the Dashboards module through the left-hand menu, click the dashboard 3-dots options: Dotted icon., and select Duplicate, from the desired dashboard:


  • Any type of user can duplicate dashboards.
  • Duplicating dashboards it's a functionality that we recommend using when you want to replicate a similar dashboard, but not in case you a dashboard visualising your main reference meters. Then, we would advise using our widgets by reference device (dynamic by location) functionality, which ultimately will allow you to create one single dashboard and provide service to all users from the account.

    Learn more about widgets by reference device (dynamic by location) here. 

Tips and Tricks

Imagine that you want to edit a dashboard, but then you realise that you are not the owner of this dashboard, as you didn't create it. In this case, we would advise duplicating this dashboard, so you'll become the owner of the duplicated one, and you will then be able to edit it as well as share it via Link or Profiles

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