Starring your Dashboards


In this article you are going to learn how to star your Dashboards.

Star your Dashboards

After the launching of the New Dashboards, we are excited to announce that you can now star your favourite Dashboards to make it appear on the top of your dashboards list, hence you can have quick access to them without searching in all the pages or using the search box. 


To star your dashboards you will need to go to the Dashboards module through the left-hand menu, and simply click the star ⭐  icon from the desired dashboard.


This behaviour works on the user level, meaning that each user will be able to star their favourite dashboards, and then visualise them on their top-list.

Note: In case you want to select a Dashboard for all the users associated to a specific account, you will then need to pin your dashboard. Learn how to Pin your Dashboard here

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