Gateway - Elvaco CMe2100 and CMe3100


In this article you are going to learn about the Elvaco dataloggers:


What are CMe2100 and CMe3100?


The Elvaco CMe2100 is a Din-rail M-Bus master with a 2-wire interface and a GPRS modem. Supports up to 8 M-Bus devices. It's entirely configurable through SMS.

The Elvaco CMe3100 is a Din-rail TCP/IP M-Bus with ethernet communications interface. The CMe3100 has an internal web server for configuration via JSON.

Both gateways communicate with the Platform through FTP.

NOTE: See the files attached at the end of the article for more information, or check the oficial website of the CMe2100 and the CMe3100. For devices compatibility, please ask our support team at


How to add an Elvaco CMe2100 or CMe3100 in the Platform

The Elvaco CMe2100 or CMe3100 datalogger is one of the gateways that are integrated with the EMS, so to communicate any of the Elvaco gateways with the platform is easy and quick.

To start receiving data you just have to follow the next steps:


1. Log into the EMS with your user and password.

2. Go to the Settings section:dexma-adding-BlueBox-1.png

3. On the left menu select Gateways and click on Register a new gateway:


4. Select the Elvaco CMe2100 gateway:elvaco-2.png

5. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Write a distinctive name for your gateway
  • Key: Write here a key for your Elvaco.
  • Phone number: Write here the phone number of your Elvaco's SIM.
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone where your gateway is located.

Write down the FTP User and Password, you will need it later.


6. Click on save and start configuring the Elvaco.

Elvaco CMe2100

7. To set up the Elvaco, send these 2 SMS to the phone number of the gateway:

  • SMS 1: install # dexma, where # is the number of devices connected to the bus.
    Example: install 3 dexma.
  • SMS 2: qset ftp 21 user pass, where user and pass are the ones provided in step 5.
    Example: qset ftp 21 143710 175853.

Now everything is set up and your Elvaco is ready to send data!

Additional Setup

8. In case your Elvaco CME2100 is not sending data every 15min, you just have to send the following SMS:

  • SMS 1: 2222;sync dexma 
  • SMS 2: qset ftp 21 user pass, where user and pass are provided in step 5.
    Example: qset ftp 21 143710 175853.

9. To send historical data to the Platform, you will have to send the following SMS: 

  • report reportID filter.mode=interval filter.param=YYYYMMDD,YYYMMDD
    Example: report 2104 filter.mode=interval filter.param=20140916,20140919

You will find the report ID on the menu number 8 (pages 98 to 101) from the attached manual.
The first date is the "from" and the second one is the "to" in the YYYYMMDD format.

Elvaco CMe3100

10. To set up the Elvaco CMe3100, go to its interface configuration -> Configuration -> Push reports -> FTP settings:

11. Fill in the fields with the following information:
Server adress:
Port: 21
Username: FTP user got on step 5
Password: FTP password got on step 5
and click on Save
NOTE: attached the user manual for CMe3100


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