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In this article, you are going to learn about the Huawei SmartLogger:

What is the Huawei SmartLogger?


The Huawei SmartLogger is a data logger required for the monitoring and management of Huawei high-power inverters. It can also be used to connect several inverters in parallel in the same plant and monitor them together. 

NOTE 1: For more information about the logger, click here.


How to correctly configure the SmartLogger in the Huawei web UI

Huawei's user interface for the SmartLogger is called Enspire Power System. For proper integration with the platform, the Huawei SmartLogger must be configured as follows:

1. Log in to the Huawei interface with your username and password.

2. On the upper menu, select the Settings tab. Then go to the Extended Parameters section and select the FTP section:


3. In the basic parameters enter the following 3 fields: the FTP Server, the username and password. These are automatically generated in the platform once the gateway has been registered:



  • NOTE: It is important that you leave the Remote Directory field in blank, so the files can be uploaded to the root folder of the FTP server. On the contrary, a new folder will be created, and the files won't be processed.

4. Fill in the Report Settings fields as follows:

  • Data Export: Enable.
  • File format: Format 4.
  • File name: this field is indifferent, as long as the file has a .csv extension.
  • Time format: YY-MM-DD.
  • Export mode: Cyclic.
  • Export interval: as desired. It is recommended not to be less than 15 minutes.
  • File mode: Accumulated data

5. Save the changes, and now you can go add your gateway on the EM Platform.


Adding a Huawei SmartLogger on the EM Platform

Currently, the EM platform only allows adding a Huawei SmartLogger via the FTP/SFTP generic gateway. Thus, the steps to follow are:

1. Register a new gateway.

2. Select FTP / SFTP generic gateway.



3. Select the Huawei - FusionSolar - SmartLogger file format.


4. Save the gateway with the desired name, and everything is ready for your equipment to start sending data to the platform.

And now's your turn to start enjoying solar energy!

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