Sauter modu525


This article includes a description of Sauter modu525 gateway and How to add Sauter modu525 gateway into de platform.

Sauter modu525 - Description

Sauter controller that allows you to set operating hour, alerts, etc.

Compatible versions: Sauter modu525 (EY-Modulo 5 or EY-AS525) and Sauter moduWeb. Sauter moduWeb Vision is not compatible. In case of doubt please contact our support team to check compatibility.

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How to add Sauter modu525 into DEXMA Platform

DEXMA Platform is compatible with Sauter modu525. In order to start receiving data in your account, follow next steps:

1. Login into the platform with your user and password (

2. Go to "Settings":dexma-addingsautermodu525-1.png

3. Go to "Gateways" and click on "Register a new gateway":dexma-addingsautermodu525-2.png

4. Select Sauter modu525 gateway and click on "Next":dexma-addingsautermodu525-3.png

5. Write a distinctive name for your gateway and click on "Save":dexma-addingsauter525-4.png

6. Now you have your gateway ready to receive data!

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