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In this article you're going to learn how to move gateways from one account to another and How to configure a timezone. 

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Move gateways from one account to another

If you want to move a gateway from one account to another, follow these steps:

1) Download in excel the historical data for your active energy parameter for all your meters
  • Using our API. For more information, click Here
  • Using the "by device" app, downloading in excel week by week
  • If you upgrade your test account from "lite" to "professional" you will be able to download data in excel using our "queries" app, fastest than using "by device" app.
2) Delete the gateway in the source account
Note: When the Gateway Mac has to be the same then you must wait 20 minutes until you delete the old gateway to register the new one on the destination account.
3) Register the gateway in the  destination account.
4) Wait until you receive the first readings (and parameters are generated)
5) Import data using excel data import feature. For more information about import data using excel, click Here.
6) Configure locations, supplies, widgets, reports and alerts
7) You're done!

Time Zone configuration

It's very important to have well configured the time zone in our account. Therefore, we want to emphasis on the correct setting of the time zone and avoid possible problems.  

1) Gateway Time Zone 

It's so important to have well configured the gateway time zone. Therefore, when we are registering the gateway on the EMS Platform we must select the time zone where the project is.


2) User Time Zone

The user time zone will be used in those analysis screens where we can select data using queries such as "today", "yesterday", "current week" etc. The data shown are represented by the time zone of the user, as well as the widgets defined by such queries. That is, the "today" option may be different depending on the time zone which the user is. 


3) Frequently asked questions

  • The received alerts, in which time zone are indicated? 

Alerts are defined by the time in which they are sent. Thus, they depend on the time zone set in the gateway, which is where the data is displayed.

  • When I insert a comment on the analysis screen, in which time zone will appear?

When we are inserting a comment, we have to define a specific date and hour, so we just have to specify the specific date we want it appears. 

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