Gateway - Socomec DIRIS G50


In this article you are going to learn about the datalogger Socomec DIRIS G50.


What is a Socomec DIRIS G50?


With Socomec DIRIS G 50, all information from metering and measurement devices communicating wirelessly or via the RS485 bus are centralised in a single device.

It communicates with the Platform through FTP.

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How to add a Socomec DIRIS G50 in the Platform

The Socomec DIRIS G50 datalogger is one of the gateways that are integrated with the EMS, so to communicate the Socomec with the platform is easy and quick.

To start receiving data you just have to follow the next steps:

1. Login to the EMS with your user and password.

2. Go to the Settings section:


3. On the left menu select Gateways and click on Register a new gateway:


4.Select the gateway Socomec Datalog DIRIS G50:


5. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Write a distinctive name for your gateway
  • Time zone: select the time zone where your gateway is located

Write down the Address, User and Password FTP, you will need it in the next step.


6. Now go to DIRIS G50's configuration interface. In the sending data section, select FTP and write down the FTP address, the user and the password provided by the EMS.

7. Save the changes on your datalogger and it will be ready to start sending data to the platform.

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