Reports in DEXMA


In this article you will learn everything about Reports in the EMS Platform.

Introduction: What is a Report?

A report in the EMS Platform is the channel that compresses any kind of information available in the Platform into a PDF, Excel or CSV file, that can be accessed from the Platform and that can also be sent by email to any of the EMS users.

How to generate a report

To generate a report you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Reports section.
  2. Click on New report.
  3. Select the report that you want to configure.
  4. Fill in the settings form to create the report based on the locations or devices that you desire.
  5. Click on "Save".


Types of reports

There are 3 different types of reports:

Existing reports

These are the PDF reports templates already pre-defined by the Platform. They are comprehensive and detailed reports to show overall consumption (e.g. including electricity, gas, water,...) and cost performance.

Here's the whole list:

  1. Basic Energy
  2. Cost and Energy
  3. HVAC Regression
  4. Measurement and Verification Projects summary
  5. Weekly Pro
  6. Electrical Bill simulation
  7. Water Bill simulation
  8. Gas Bill Simulation
  9. Thermal bill simulation
  10. Exported electricity bill simulation


Custom reports

The platform allows also to create custom report templates in an easy way.

Learn how to do it following the link:

These reports can be exported or sent as PDF, Excel or CSV files.

Apps as a report

In case you need a very specific report that you can't generate using the Custom Reports tool, the EMS Platform contains an open API that allows you to create any type of report on your own.

This kind of reports can be private or public and, in case you want them to be public to any other customer, they can have an associated cost or they can be for free.

Tips and tricks

Generate since

No matter which report you want to generate, you can do it From now on or generate the report for the past: generate since a given date.


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