Basic Energy


In this article, you will learn everything about the Basic Energy report.


This basic energy report is very useful to have a quick view of your installation. It's is a weekly report, so every Monday you will be comparing last week consumption versus the previous one, receiving figures for both energy consumption and cost.


Available frequencies

  • Weekly (every Monday)

Available Energy Sources

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas 


  • By device / By group


  • Devices with data
  • Supply with currently active prices assigned to each device
  • 30min frequency data (check specially with groups that this frequency is available). Essential to calculate cost.


Report detail


  1. Report title. Report gets its title from the report configuration wizard. 
  2. Date range for the report. This report is only available in a weekly automation, so each Monday you will get the report. Below, it appears the report device name where data is acquired.
  3. Customer and location basic information, such as surface, location name or customer name.
  4. This chart shows the current reported week versus the previous week, from Monday to Sunday, with hourly frequency.
  5. Consumption and cost summary tables for the reported week, by day of the week. Latest columns give the aggregates the consumption and cost for the whole week and compare it with the previous ones, showing also the difference.
  6. These charts show the last 28 days of energy consumption compared with the previous 28 days, in a daily frequency.
  7. Summary table for the current 28 days and previous 28 days, for energy consumption and cost, including differences. 

Note: For the reports using groups we have to make sure the 30 min frequency has been defined, essential for the calculation, and that the prices have been correctly assigned to that group. 


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