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In this article you are going to learn about the datalogger Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0:


What is a Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0?


The Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 is a gateway useful to supervise and control installations where functions as energy management or building automation are required.

It communicates with the Platform through FTP.

NOTE: See the files attached at the end of the article for more information, or check the Official Web Page.


How to add a Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 in the Platform

The Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 datalogger is one of the gateways that are integrated with the EMS, so to communicate Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 with the platform is easy and quick.

To start receiving data you just have to follow the next steps:

1. Login to the EMS with your user and password.

2. Go to the Settings section:


3. On the left menu select Gateways and click on Register a new gateway:


4. Select Generic FTP Gateway and click on Next:


5. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Write a distinctive name for your gateway
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone where your gateway is located
  • File Format: Select the Carlo Gavazzi UWP format.

Write down the User and Password FTP, you will need it in the next step.


6. Now go to Carlo Gavazzi's configuration interface. Write here the FTP address, and the user and password provided by the EMS.

7. In the configuration interface, on the screen to define the file template to send, you have to configure it as follows:

  • Name: Name you want to give to the template
  • Report type: History
  • Layout style: Record
  • File format: csv and check on Zipped
  • Name layout: Device name first
  • Saving mode: Single
  • Decimal separator: Dot
  • Null value: Customised and left the field in blank
  • Midnight format: 23:59

Then select the parameters you want to send



8. Save the changes on your gateway and all will be ready for your gateway to start sending data to the platform.  

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