Sigfox temperature probe - Sensohive Orbit 3


In this article you are going to learn about how to configure the frequency at which your Sensohive Orbit 3 probe will send data to the EMS.



Sensohive Temperature probes can be configured to send data in any resolution between 2,5 minutes to 7 days. However in the EM platform some restrictions have been implemented in order to limit the possible options, to avoid too high frequency data insertion.

In order to configure this, you can modify the probe configuration by sending a message from the Sigfox backend to the probe. This message has to be formatted in a certain way (period in seconds and in HEX numbers) according to Sensohive’s manual.


How to configure the frequency of the Sensohive Orbit 3


On the EM platform, there is a dropdown in the gateway configuration that allows you to select the resolution that will be applied to the incoming data.

This dropdown applies only when a Sensohive device is selected. The possible values in the resolution dropdown are:

  • Time between readings 10 min → 4 values in 40 min
  • Time between readings 15 min → 4 values in 1 h
  • Time between readings 30 min → 4 values in 2 h
  • Time between readings 1 h → 4 values in 4 h
  • Time between readings 2h → 4 values in 8 h
  • Time between readings 6h → 4 values in 24 h
  • Time between readings 24h → 4 values in 4 day
  • Time between readings 7 day → 4 values in 28 day

Only one of those will be configured in the Sigfox Callback.

Sigfox backend

On Sigfox's backend, in order to modify the frequency between the readings to 2 hours, for example, you will have to downlink to the devices an instruction to send every two hours, by sending the following payload to them: 1e0007082007E900.

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Make sure to group all your devices under the same (or few) device types.
  2. Click on Edit to set the downlink data to Direct and set the downlink data to 1e0007082007E900

The procedure described above will ensure that the string is sent to every device in the device type. However, if you have other devices or you don't want to change the settings of your devices, you can't do it this way.

Review the Sensohive manual to do it in a different way.

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