Configuring a Cost Alert


The Energy Management Platform allows to create several types of alerts which will help you to detect some inefficiencies on your facility. There exist 5 types of alerts: threshold, no data, load excess, reactive excess and cost alert. In this article, we are going to explain the cost alert. For more information about configuring the other alerts, click here.  

Cost alerts are very useful when we want to know when we have consumed a certain amount of money in the form of energy. For example, if we know that our average weekly cost should be around 1.000€, we can set an alert to warn when we overcome this value.

1. In order to create a Cost Alert, go to "Alerts" and click on "New alert".  

2. Select the "Cost" alert and fill all the information in order to configure it properly. 
  • Alert name: write a distinctive name for the alert
  • Condition: select the energy source and the daily, weekly or monthly threshold you want to be alerted. For that, you have to indicate the UM threshold
  • Activate?: the alert can be active or deactive
  • Applies to: select the devices  which the alert is going to be applied. 
  • Days: indicate the temporal period you want to be alerted
  • NoticesThe alert can be sent by email and SMS. You have only to activate it and select the corresponding users.  
3. The alert will be sent as soon as the value (UM) has been reached.

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