Configuring a Reactive Energy Excess Alert


The Energy Management Platform allows to create several types of alerts that will help you to detect some inefficiencies on your facility. In this article, you are going to learn all about the reactive alert. For more information about all types of alerts, click here.

What is a reactive alert?

reactive alert is useful to know when you have surpassed the reactive limit set up on your supplies and prices for the main reference device of your location.

The alert notifies the excess by period.

NOTE: It is necessary to have configured the general reference device in the configuration of the location to be able to receive this alert.


Generate a reactive alert

In order to create a reactive Alert, you must go to Alerts and click on New alert.  

Select the Reactive alert and fill all the information in order to configure it properly. 
  • Basic information: Shows information of the main reference device defined in the Location: name, tariff structure according to the supply and price assigned to the device and periods in which the reactive penalty is applied.
  • Activate?: the alert can be active or inactive.
  • Notifications: Select if you want to be warned in real-time and configure the mail or mails where you want to send the alert.
  • Define if you want to receive a summary report daily, weekly or monthly and in which emails.






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