One of the main sections of the EMS is the Alerts one. This section allows you to generate different types of alerts that notify you or/and your customers given different situations.

What is an alert?

An alert is a notification sent automatically by the EMS given certain conditions. Such notifications can be received at the EM Platform, by e-mail and for one or more users, such as maintenance staff.

Alerts allow you to react fast in front of data issues without needing to get into the Platform.

Note: You can create alerts for real devices and virtual devices, but not for groups.


How to set up an Alert

To set up an Alert, first of all, you must go the Alerts menu from the EMS:


Then, in order to create a new Alert, click on "New Alert". 


The configuration of the alert depends on the type.


Types of alerts

The EM Platform allows creating five types of alerts:

  • No data alert: if the system detects data missing, we will receive an alert.
  • Threshold alert: alert under a specific condition.
  • Load excess: this alert will alert (or report) you if your facility is exceeding contracted Load for a tariff time band.
  • Reactive excess: this alert will alert (or report) you if your facility is consuming too much reactive energy according to contract configuration for receiving penalties in your invoice.
  • Cost alertthis alert will report you if your facility is exceeding a price value that you have indicated. 
  • Tunnel Alert: detects when one of our devices is out of a specific range of values, simulating a tunnel. The alert will notify us when we exceed a margin for above or below.

Delete an alert

To remove an alert, you just have to click on the bin sign near to its name.


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