Configuring a Threshold Alert


The Energy Management Platform allows to create several types of alerts that will help you to detect some inefficiencies on your facility. In this article, you are going to learn all about the threshold alert. For more information about all types of alerts, click here.

What is a threshold alert?

A threshold alert is very useful to know when a value has surpassed a certain number. For example, you can be alerted if you have consumed more energy than you were expecting.


Generate a threshold alert

In order to create a Threshold Alert, you must go to Alerts and click on New alert.  

Select the Threshold alert and fill all the information in order to configure it properly. 
  • Alert name: write a distinctive name for the alert
  • Condition: Choose the parameter on which you want to apply the alert and establish the condition, if it has to be smaller, smaller and equal, greater and equal to the value defined in the box and establish the number of consecutive measurements in which the condition is met to trigger the alert.
  • Activate?: the alert can be active or inactive.
  • Applies to: select the devices for which the alert is going to be applied. 
  • Daytime: select the hours / days for which you want the Alert to be applied. In red the time frames for which the alert is NOT applied, in green the time frames in which it is applied.
  • Notifications: select the frequency at which you want to be warned, each hour, each day, etc.
  • Select if you want to receive the alert by mail and to which mail or mails you want them to be sent.


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