Apps displayed on the Analysis Screen


In this article, you are going to discover the available apps on the analysis Screen of the EMS Platform.


The EMS platform offers the possibility of adding apps to expand the basic functionalities to increase the performance of the platform and adapt it to your energy management needs. 



In order to see data in the Analysis screens and be able to use the apps you need a few things first:

  1. To send data to the platform.
  2. To accept the devices and data points generated when the data gets into the platform.
  3. To assign those devices to their corresponding location.
  4. Check the energy sources that can be displayed on every screen.
  5. Install the App from the Apps market.


Apps available

The EMS platform offers a wide variety of apps depending on the Energy management needs. They are all available on the Apps market some of they are free and some other of payment. Note that some apps generate DataPoints which are billable. 


Here's the list of all the EMS Platform available Apps classify by their use:

Data management Apps


Energy Analysis



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