Using the By Reference device feature (Beta)


In this article, you are going to learn how to use the By Reference device (Beta) feature in the EMS platform.



In this screen, you will be able to see data by the reference devices that you have configured. You can learn about Reference devices in this article.

This feature allows you to see the main uses of your buildings just by changing the location or zone in the Locations menu (at the top of the screen).

Furthermore, different to what happens with other quick check screens like Consumption, your last consultation will remain in the screen until you change it. 

Available frequencies

The available frequencies always depend on the frequency of the data you have inserted. Apart from that, in this screen the available frequencies depend on the type of visualisation that you choose.

Hourly, Daily and Monthly frequencies are available for all visualisations.

Other frequencies based on what you configure in Preferences are available for Lines, Bars and Stacked-bars visualisations.

Available parameters

This feature shows data of any parameter available in the reference devices.


Remember that the platform can only show data if you have previously inserted it.

In order to see data in the By Reference device (Beta) screen, you need to:

  1. Send data to the platform
  2. Accept the devices and datapoints generated when the data gets into the platform
  3. Assign those devices to their corresponding location
  4. Assign those devices to one Reference device

Note: Only admins and superadmins have access to this feature. 

How does it work

1. Enter the feature in the Analysis section.

From here, there is not a correct order to do that. You will see the chart being updated automatically with every change!

2. Select the Visualisation 

  • Single KPI
  • Gauge
  • Line
  • Bars
  • Stacked bars
  • Pie
  • Heat map
  • Table

3. Location always shows "Follow dashboard". This means that it will take the location or zone that is chosen in the Locations selector (at the top of the screen)

4. Select the Reference device category

5. Select the Reference device type

6. Select the parameter

7. Select the resolution. See "Available frequencies" section for more detail

8. Select Operation

9. Select Period. This screen allows many different possibilities to choose the period. You can choose to see a fix period or a rolling one, based on the current date and time. See more about the Advanced Period selector in this article.

10. Select Comparison. You can choose if you don't want to compare the data or if you want to compare it with the previous period or the same period last year.


Data Display

There are currently 8 types of visualisation  (listed above) that you can choose.

You can mouse over the chart to see the specific numerical data and drag and drop to zoom.

There is also a button to hide the menu so that you can have a bigger image of the outcome chart to analyse it or show it more comfortable.

Remember that even if you leave the platform, your last consultation will remain in the screen until you change it.

Exporting Data

There are no exporting tools in this feature yet.

Tips and Tricks

The idea is to have all your locations configured with the same reference devices.

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